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Here are a list of useful websites that might help if you suffer with MCS. If you have any websites you would like to share please message me or share them on Facebook or Twitter.

Eco Center - Healthy Stuff I first came across this site, when researching for a "chemically safe" car, especially after having problems reacting to the chemicals in a particular car. On the site is a report on 2011/2012 vehicles, listing the ones with the least chemical hazards. The top 3 were: -

  1. 2012 Honda Civic
  2. 2011 Toyota Prius
  3. 2011 Honda CR-Z

You can read the full report here - and if you want to see how "chemically safe" your car is, or any other products, you can check out the product search, also bear in mind the fact that the organization are based in the USA, so the products are mostly American, there are vehicles listed that are not available in the UK.
















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