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Useful products for people suffering with MCS/Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Here are some products that you might find useful

Product Review

Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash


Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash,, is an eco-friendly non-toxic car wash, made from plant based ingredients.

I have used this product for sometime, and found that it cleans the car extremely well. There are no odors and if used regularly, it really is a great product.

Ecover Car Wash and Wax

When not using Eco Touch, I turn to Ecover Car Wash and Wax, this is very difficult to get hold of, as I believe Ecover have stopped making it, however there are some sellers on eBay,

It does a good job of cleaning the car, and there is no fragrance. I either mix some liquid in a bucket with water or spray on with a jet wash applicator.

Grab Green Dishwasher Pods

Grab Green Fragrance Free Dishwasher pods, are ideal if you are looking for something without perfume.

Grab Green creates effective, non-toxic laundry and home care solutions that are gentle on you and our planet.

For a list of ingredients please visit the Grab Green website -

Sistema Products


Made in New Zealand, Sistema products are BPA and Phthalate free. An excellent choice for your packed luches, or other household food storage.


























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